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Dec 4, 2012 3:00am PST
republicans, why don't they start by getting rid of congress's healthcare, retirement and social security then let's see where we're at. >> bill: a little taste of their own medicine. great response yesterday from many of you. thousands of you to speaker boehner's office telling him to resign. as we started yesterday morning here on the "full court press." len calling from north bend, oregon. hey, len, good morning. >> caller: good morning, bill. >> bill: hi. >> caller: with all of this talk of cutting entitlements, it has been going on for quite awhile. >> bill: yeah. >> caller: i haven't heard a single politician on either side of the aisle talk about raiding the cap on -- raising the cap on what a tax pater pays to fica. it is $110,000 i believe right now. if it were doubled, that would make social security completely solvent. it where be -- >> bill: forever. >> and how come -- what am i listening to here? >> bill: i think -- here what it is, len. you're right by the way. that's the quickest way the fairest way the easiest way and the best way to fix social security. but the obama admi
Dec 7, 2012 3:00am PST
is saying out of the report healthcare at added 20,000 new jobs lat month. 8.3,000 hospitals, 4.7,000 in out-patient and 4 and a half thousand in nursing facilities. also, auto manufacturing jobs are up 10,000 jobs. >> that's good news. >> big news. we will dig those numbers up. >> the bail-out worked, you know, help for the auto industry really worked. >> no doubt about that. no doubt about that. the other thing that's working is obama care. these numbers areon healthcare, you know, labor secretary hilda solis. i hope she will be in monday. she has been generous about coming in almost every month on the month after the jobs report comes out. good news or bad news she is here to tell us what it means. one of the things we discussed with her is the real growth sector in this country today in terms of jobs is the health industry, healthcare industry because obamacare. more people getting health insurance means more demand on clinics, more demands for physician assistants and nurse practitioners and health providers across the board. it's a growth industry today. >> yeah. we talked about
Dec 5, 2012 3:00am PST
will give them away to fans on if a welcome back toing. >> you cannot have healthcare if you work there because it's so expensive. we are going to have frank rangeses with extra pepper own e. it literally smells like a big pizza? >> yes. >> fresh hot out of the oven. >> you walk into a pizza joint and say, this is what i want to smell like all day long. right? >> if you do think that, you probably already do smell like that. >> that's true. >> that's right. i want to come back to this story about karl rove and dick morris. you have to be pretty bad when you are too bad for fox. you know what i mean? you cannot lower the bar any lower. >> it's just another great wrinkel in the story that is fox news. we found out this week not only that karl rove and dick morris, you know, they are so bad at what they do that they are not welcome on fox. >> they got everything wrong. >> right. >> dick morris, sherrod brown was going to look for a new job. bill nellso could never win in florida. barack obama was going to be trues trounced. >> how he is going to do the economy versus hillary. >> that
Dec 10, 2012 3:00am PST
. >> in the healthcare case john roberts. >> a wild card. or a trend? roberts action i think is the real question here. right? >> i think there is some hope he will be the question here. was that his moment and this is where he draws the line? it's been fascinating to watch this issue sort of sold and packaged accurately as the civil rights issue of our time. the chief justice was a lawyer in the d.c. establishment and et cetera a younger member of the court. he is also going to be for a lot of reasons why everybody talked about with the obama care case looking at his legacy and earlier cases that the court has heard and think being that. >> joel calling from baltimore, maryland. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> what's your point or question or whatever? >> i am a gay man, but i have concerns about the supreme court. first of all, these are older americans the it's the younger ones who are defendsing to >> bill: older americans on the court, you mean? >> yes. >> bill: some of them. >> there is a fairly substantial number of roman cathlics on the court. i am not
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4